Monday, April 11, 2016

Guide to Make a Newborn a Good Night Sleeper

It gives parents immense pride as well as pleasure to get their newborn home for the very first time after their birth. However, due to their newborn’s sleep routine which is mostly random in the beginning parents may soon become impatient as their nights become sleepless.

A baby is said to be a newborn right from birth till the first 90 days or 3 months of his life. During these initial 3 months of the baby’s life, his sleep patterns will keep changing continuously and they will just not match their parents. First time parents of newborns generally discover that their baby is asleep for most part of the day sometimes even 18 hours, particularly in the first week or two after delivery. This sleep is however enjoyed in short slots of 3-4 hours at one time, be night or day.

But, parents can work towards inculcating good sleep habits in their newborns from as early as 6 weeks onward. Here are a few tips that parents can adopt.

Lengthening Wake Times – Parents who find that their little ones are sleeping for most part of the day can slowly train them to stay awake for longer stretches during the day so that they can sleep more during the night. Try to keep the baby busy during daytime by engaging him into various activities. These may include – like reading, talking to him, giving baby a light massage, taking him out for a short stroll till the nearby park. However, in between all this allow the baby to have his short nap times, otherwise the baby might become over-fidgety and over-restless at night that lead to a lot of commotion in the house.

Dressing Baby in Proper Nightwear – Babies often wake up in the middle of the night feeling either too cold or too hot. The right answer to these complications is an infant sleep sack. These sleep sacks for babies when worn on regular nighttime sleepwear help in bringing him comfortable slumber. Baby feels snug and secure to be able to sleep comfortably. Sleep Sacks also help regulate the body temperature so the baby doesn’t get overheat.

Teaching Baby Being Independent of Feeds and Rocking – Start
teaching the baby the art of sleeping on his own, although this might take months. This can be done by putting the baby drowsy in his crib or cot at almost the same time every day. In this way, the baby’s sleep cycle will start settling down and he will begin to associate his crib or cot to his sleep. Also, parents shouldn’t make their baby dependent on habits like being rocked or fed to sleep every night. If the baby remains independent of these daily routines he will fall asleep on his own if he gets up in the middle of the night.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

A sleep sack can help your baby stay covered while sleeping
Until relatively recently, most parents would use blankets to keep their babies warm at night or during naps. However, research has shown that it is preferable to use baby sleeping bags or sleep sacks instead of loose blankets in the crib. In order to reduce the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, pediatricians recommend eliminating any loose bedding or toys that could accidentally cover baby’s face while he or she sleeps. Baby sleeping bags eliminate the need for loose blankets and are a better alternative. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using sleep sacks instead of blankets in the crib.

In addition to the safety issues with blankets, sleep sacks are also more convenient. Many parents complain that their baby kicks off his blanket at night and then wakes up feeling cold. A baby needs on average 16 hours of sleep per 24 hour period to thrive. Waking up at night due to temperature changes is a common problem and baby sleep sacks can help with this issue.

Baby sleeping bags can be either quilted or lighter weight depending on the season and the temperature of the nursery. With a blanket or a toddler quilt, baby won’t stay covered as he/she moves around while sleep sacks maintain baby at a constant temperature throughout the night.. These bags are available in different sizes and styles. They are sleeveless to enable babies to regulate their temperature (in a similar way to adults who usually sleep with their arms outside their quilt) and are available in a variety of colours, designs and styles.

Baby sleep sacks come in sizes up to 36 months. They are intended to be used by babies and toddlers that still sleep in a crib. Many two year olds move around a lot in their sleep and still don’t stay covered at night so the larger size 18-36m baby sleeping bags can solve this problem. Also wearing a sleep sack may discourage your baby from trying to climb out of the crib.

Baby sleeping bags can also be a good solution for camping with a baby and many parents bring them along for outdoor trips. Some sleep sacks carry a TOG rating. A tog of 0.5 is usually appropriate for a lightly air conditioned summer nursery or warmer winter homes (central heating). For chillier houses (nursery temperature 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit), a tog rating of 2.5 to 3 would be appropriate.
Baby sleeping bags replace loose objects in the crib and potentially dangerous blankets that can be kicked off. To know more and view latest designs please log on to

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Going camping with a baby or toddler?

Family Camping Checkpoints...

Camping is a wonderful and inexpensive vacation option in the summer. Amazing camping places invite you for canoeing, hiking, adventure water sports and more. It is a great way to visit the country and create fantastic memories and strong bonds with friends. However, families with small children often wonder how enjoyable a camping trip will be with a baby and a toddler.

The answer to this question is that with the right equipment, a camping vacation could be just what you need after long winter months of being cooped up with small kids. In fact, have you ever noticed how your child seems happier the minute he/she is outside? A family camping trip may be exactly what you need.

First, you will need a good tent. You must be equipped with a polyethylene or vinyl tarp down so that the tent remains dry at the bottom. Next, have a thermo rest type mattress which acts as a great insulator. Make sure the tent stakes aren't made of low quality material and are strong and light like aluminium. The tent material must contain an air permeable roof covered by a rain fly.

Second, make sure that you talk to your doctor and bring all of the medication your kids could possibly need such as anti-fever medication and an antihistamine in the event of an allergic reaction.

Next question, how will baby sleep? Kids are often used to their sleeping environment and the concern is that they will refuse to sleep if they are no longer in their home crib. Luckily, kids often adapt better to camping because of the fresh air than a hotel room stay. As smaller kids kick off their blankets you should consider camping with a sleep sack or baby sleeping bag if you are not already using one. You can find ones big enough for children up to 3 years old. A quilted option is better an warmer than fleece. You may find you need a warmer one than the one you use at home. You should also get your child used to this new sleeping bag a few days before you leave on your trip.

Baby camping sleeping bags will keep your baby nice and toasty. Make sure zippers are high quality and also, make sure you don’t buy the camping sleepers for babies which come with a hood, which could be dangerous. You can get expert and pediatric support regarding standard sleep sacks for summers or winters. In fact the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of wearable blankets for your children from zero to three years of age.

Good luck, Happy Camping!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Motherhood – The Most Blessed Phase of Every Woman’s Life

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful and blessed phase of a woman’s life.  Every woman does not endure the potentiality to be a mother, the state of being a mother, and bear all the discomforts that a female comes heads-on who choose to be a mother.

Experts say that the more a woman stays happy and satisfied during pregnancy the more charming and healthy her newborn would be. However, in today’s hectic life this has become next to impossible, consequently some simple guidelines have been outlined by experts that a pregnant woman must follow in order to give birth to a healthy baby.

Apt care of your own self during pregnancy: A female who is pregnant should take ample care of her own self as it is not just her but also the little fetus that is slowly taking the shape of a baby that requires thorough care. A pregnant woman should take healthy and easily digestive food so as to avoid any episodes of feeling uncomfortable around her womb.

Visit the Doctor Regularly: A pregnant woman must visit her gynecologist on a regular basis, without giving it a miss or taking it lightly. All the medicines prescribed by the doctor should be taken as written in her prescription.

Take Least Stress: Although it is next to impossible with women becoming increasingly ambitious to leave their duties mid-way due to pregnancy, but, still pregnant women should give it a break and avoid stress as much as possible. Office work brings along office tensions which are not healthy for a pregnant woman. Therefore, pregnant women if possible should leave their office work and rest at home with maximum movement and exercise and enjoy their pregnancy. With many companies now offering work from home opportunities pregnant women can also select this option to give least stress to their body’s.

Wear Comfortable Outfits: Pregnancy brings along a huge change in a pregnant woman’s body size. As such outfits especially designed for pregnancy and that are flexible too are available in the market. Their purpose is to make her feel comfortable not just physically but also psychologically. 

Baby Deeee and Sleep   
Initial few months after a baby is born can be a bit challenging for mommies due to ever changing sleep behavior of newborns and older babies. Baby deedee sleepwear range has been designed keeping comfort and moms in mind. Cozy cocoon shaped baby sleep sacks, warm zippered sleepers and 100 pct soft cotton bedding range help babies and families sleep better. Check online link to view complete baby sleep gear range and more..

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

10 Safe Sleep Tips for Babies

Newborns and Infants Sleep Safety

Newborns and Infants spend a lot of time in bed, mostly sleeping, so it is important that their sleeping area is comfortable and safe. Any loose object which is potentially dangerous while babies are asleep should be eliminated. Premature and low birth weight babies are most at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep related unfortunate deaths. 

Pediatric sleep experts have pointed out quite a few hazards when babies are sleeping. They suggest a few things which can help reduce the risk of sleep related deaths. Babies may get into dangerous situations while sleeping in an unsafe sleep environment. Experts have identified a few things/rules can help reduce the risk of cot death and injuries.

  • Follow the ABC rule, alone on her back in crib. Place your baby on their back to sleep, not on the tummy or side.
  • Co-sleeping may be dangerous, particularly if you’ve been on alcohol or if you’re a smoker.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoke during pregnancy and post delivery that means keeping baby smoke free before birth and after.
  • Place her in a cot in the room with you for first 6 months. Do not smoke or let anyone smoke in the same room as your baby.
  • Do not tempt to fall asleep with your newborn on a couch while watching TV.
  • Don’t let your baby get overheat. Always dress your baby in layers instead of a heavy piece of clothing. It is always easy to add or remove one in case baby feels uneasy.
  • Keep your baby’s head and face uncovered. Don’t use hooded sleepwear. Tuck Baby blanket tightly in no higher than their chest. It is advisable to use a well-fitted baby sleep sack which is a type of wearable blanket as a safety measure.
  • Breastfeed your baby. Studies show that breastfed babies are less likely to have SIDs or breathing issues.  

 Place your baby on their back to sleep from the beginning, for both naps and bedtime. This will cut the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It’s unsafe for babies to sleep on their tummy or sides as on their backs. Healthy babies placed on their backs in a crib with no loose bedding are less likely to choke.

The Sleep Nest is a baby sleep sack. It replaces loose blankets in the crib so your baby will stay covered through the night. Baby deedee sleep sack come in 3 sizes, from zero to 36 months and are designed in a cocoon-like shape to help baby feel comfy and secure while sleeping. View more at

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sleep Sacks are the Newest Part of Safe Bedding for Babies

Pediatricians and health experts are urging new parents not to use loose bedding in a crib in a fight to curb cot-deaths across USA. Three are so many small babies die every year in unsafe sleep environments.

Medical professionals are coming forward to encourage parents to use wearable blankets (sleep sacks) for their tiniest bundle of joy. They serve as a safer alternative to bulky blankets that can suffocate a small baby and cannot be kicked away. Your baby stay covered and sleep sound throughout the night. Sleep sacks are proving to be the safest and coziest part of bedtime for babies now.

A wearable baby blanket is most comfortable and practical product to be added to baby bedding, being cozy and breathable at the same time. As your baby cannot kick it away while moving so that there is nothing in the crib that can obstruct with breathing. Pediatric experts across US are educating new parents about baby sleep sacks and other safe sleep practices for babies and toddlers.

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Safer and comfier than blanket in a crib
Wearable and breathable, perfect for your squirmy baby

Lightweight sleep sack made of two layers of super soft

Friday, February 27, 2015

Review: Winter Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby deedee sleep nest review as received from our happy customer Clara...

There is nothing like a warm well fitted snuggle bag in winter. Babies love to snuggle down in a cozy sleeping bag. Small babies roll and kick a lot only to wake up cold multiple times. They need to be comforted by their parents to fall back asleep. A baby sleeping bag can be a sleep saver here as it helps them feel comfortable and secure in their cribs.  As it can’t be kicked away your baby stays safe and covered through the night. I tried a few brands but my search for a cozy and secure sleeping bag was an ongoing mission.

Getting ready for bed in her cozy sleeping bag

I was restlessly searching for something to replace my thin micro fleece sleeping bag and when I saw Baby Deedee Sleep Nest, I knew this was what I wanted for my little one. It is so much warmer and better that other version we were using.  It is a baby wearable blanket bag with right amount of batting, just like my own cozy comforter. It is a unique duvet style baby wearable blanket with quick snap at shoulders to zip your baby to sleep in cinch.

  • Quilted material is warmer than micro fleece without being too heavy
  • Made of cotton layers. Soft Indian cotton feels nice and kind to baby’s skin 
  • Have large shoulder snaps so no more struggling to put baby’s arms through the armholes
  • Front zip closure with YKK big reversible zipper (extra quite). Glow and dark zipper for quick diaper change and night feedings is available with one model
  • High quality material holds up well in the wash. Machine washable

About Baby Deedee
The Baby deedee sleeping bag is 100 pct cotton layered, super soft quilted wearable blanket designed to keep babies and toddler comfortable in colder climates. With smart shoulder snaps and over sized reverse zipper, perfect for babies between 0-36 months. To view latest offering and helpful reviews, please visit