Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sleep Sacks are the Newest Part of Safe Bedding for Babies

Pediatricians and health experts are urging new parents not to use loose bedding in a crib in a fight to curb cot-deaths across USA. Three are so many small babies die every year in unsafe sleep environments.

Medical professionals are coming forward to encourage parents to use wearable blankets (sleep sacks) for their tiniest bundle of joy. They serve as a safer alternative to bulky blankets that can suffocate a small baby and cannot be kicked away. Your baby stay covered and sleep sound throughout the night. Sleep sacks are proving to be the safest and coziest part of bedtime for babies now.

A wearable baby blanket is most comfortable and practical product to be added to baby bedding, being cozy and breathable at the same time. As your baby cannot kick it away while moving so that there is nothing in the crib that can obstruct with breathing. Pediatric experts across US are educating new parents about baby sleep sacks and other safe sleep practices for babies and toddlers.

These baby sleep sacks from are the most practical and cutest sleeper bags you'll see today!!

Safer and comfier than blanket in a crib
Wearable and breathable, perfect for your squirmy baby

Lightweight sleep sack made of two layers of super soft 100 pct jersey cotton to help babies stay covered and asleep

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