Friday, February 27, 2015

Review: Winter Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby deedee sleep nest review as received from our happy customer Clara...

There is nothing like a warm well fitted snuggle bag in winter. Babies love to snuggle down in a cozy sleeping bag. Small babies roll and kick a lot only to wake up cold multiple times. They need to be comforted by their parents to fall back asleep. A baby sleeping bag can be a sleep saver here as it helps them feel comfortable and secure in their cribs.  As it can’t be kicked away your baby stays safe and covered through the night. I tried a few brands but my search for a cozy and secure sleeping bag was an ongoing mission.

Getting ready for bed in her cozy sleeping bag

I was restlessly searching for something to replace my thin micro fleece sleeping bag and when I saw Baby Deedee Sleep Nest, I knew this was what I wanted for my little one. It is so much warmer and better that other version we were using.  It is a baby wearable blanket bag with right amount of batting, just like my own cozy comforter. It is a unique duvet style baby wearable blanket with quick snap at shoulders to zip your baby to sleep in cinch.

  • Quilted material is warmer than micro fleece without being too heavy
  • Made of cotton layers. Soft Indian cotton feels nice and kind to baby’s skin 
  • Have large shoulder snaps so no more struggling to put baby’s arms through the armholes
  • Front zip closure with YKK big reversible zipper (extra quite). Glow and dark zipper for quick diaper change and night feedings is available with one model
  • High quality material holds up well in the wash. Machine washable

About Baby Deedee
The Baby deedee sleeping bag is 100 pct cotton layered, super soft quilted wearable blanket designed to keep babies and toddler comfortable in colder climates. With smart shoulder snaps and over sized reverse zipper, perfect for babies between 0-36 months. To view latest offering and helpful reviews, please visit

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